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Young Adult

Last night I went to see Young Adult with a couple of friends.

After some brief consideration, I decided I loved it - and they were so-so and displeased with it, respectively.

There are three possible reasons that I loved it.

First, that it was written by Diablo Cody and she's a fucking genius. She writes dialogue that is simultaneously realistic and aspirational - she writes the things my best, smartest friend would say if she could see a few statements into the future in order to intelligently plan witty repartee.

Second, it was directed by Jason Reitman. His movies are my favorite movies with which to flog myself. (I HATED Up in the Air. FUCKING HATED IT. And then rented it not once but twice. Hated it every time. Keep going back. I have issues.)

Third, I'm gradually becoming a misanthrope and the movie has nothing to say about the redeeming values of humanity. Charlize Theron, in particular, supported the worldview that people are selfish and life is sort of generally crappy for everyone all the time. I like that, because that's the kind of view that I'm learning in grad school. Thanks, school!

So there you go - if you like Diablo Cody or Jason Reitman or kind of hate everyone, this is the holiday week movie for you.


Happy 2012!