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well, that happened

Today I taught my first college lecture. It was.... um....

It definitely happened.

I don't actually have a great sense of how it went. I left about to cry - but I cry a lot lately, so that's not a great barometer. Hey, is there air outside? Does that mean anything? No.

We have this thing that we use in class called inkSurvey. It's actually part of what I'm writing research project on - all 40 of the students are given tablets for the duration of each lecture and there's a web based program where they're able to interact with us anonymously. It's a whole big thing.

Via inkSurvey, one of them wrote 'be our teacher for the rest of the semester!!'. That gave me the happys, you guys.

And then?

I fucked up two problems in a row, on the board.

I don't know. My brother and Crockett have assured me that a teacher saying 'I don't know' is not an unacceptable occurrence, especially if it's followed by 'I'll look at it and get back to you'. Plus, as any anxiety ridden slightly obsessive graduate student would do, I double checked what I couldn't remember and wrote up solutions and put them on the class site when I got home. And also emailed everyone. And also spent three hours this afternoon helping with homework via email.

Basically, I think I'm a good TA.

Just - I wanted everyone to leave that class thinking 'damn, that was awesome!'. And it didn't happen.

P.S. It's Crockett's mom's birthday! Happy birthday, mama Crockett. You're one seriously kickass lady.


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