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things that other people do poorly

I feel like there are things about the world that other people should understand. Two people from yesterday in particular.

Let's start with the complaint that's going to make me sound like less of a intolerant craphead, ok?

Yesterday, after a loooong lecture and completely craptastic (and the word of the day is .... crap!) office hours, I walked the half mile back to my car.

I found a sticky note on my driver's side window. It said 'call me about your car 303-xxx-xxxx Alan'.


Unnecessarily mad, really, but dude. What the hell. My first thought was that he'd hit me and was just really impolite about it. I walked around the car a couple of times and didn't see anything, but seriously? My car is sort of trashed anyway. I wouldn't have necessarily noticed a new ding.

My second thought was that he was mad that I was parked by the creek (in public parking) when I had a Mines permit sticker on my car. That's just the only other thing I could think of that would cause someone to want to talk to me.

I didn't want to deal with either of those things, but I called him and left a super pissed off message regarding the note. (That's super pissed off in my mind - in reality I probably just sounded a little frustrated. I don't do pissed off out loud very well.)

He called last night to tell me that he sells MOTHERFUCKING WINDSHIELDS.

Whatever. Douche. The note sounded like a command - and it was a sales pitch? Even if my windshield had literally shattered on the drive home, I wouldn't have had him put in the new one. He clearly doesn't understand... well, things. Like how to win over prospective customers.

The second person who did something weird and irritating (to me) yesterday was a generally nice fellow who's in my Statistical Methods class. A class I'm taking, not teaching.

He came up to me and said 'you have office hours, right?' I said '... yes, for the undergrad prob stats kids.' He said 'I'm going to come by - you really helped me with my homework when we talked about it before class the other day'.

He didn't ask if that would be all right, he just said it like a thing that was going to happen. It's nice that our ten minute chat helped him, but I'm not his teacher. If he wants to work on homework together, I'd maybe try and find a time that wasn't already set aside for another purpose. Instead, he wants to come in and supersede my undergrad kids with his graduate level not-my-problem issues.

Seriously, what? (Yes, this is probably not that irritating to anyone but me. Maybe it was the way he said it. Or maybe I'm ridiculous.)

Sometimes I just hate everyone.

Yesterday was one of those days.

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