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Yesterday was a long, long day, but not a terrible one. I had classes and meetings and then more classes and then more meetings and then a departmental orientation, followed by a pizza party. I attended everything but the pizza party. When the pizza boxes opened and the other students descended on them with such rapidity that I'm pretty sure several of them accidentally ate parts of the cardboard boxes, I snuck out the back.

Yesterday, while sitting in my first class, I tweeted

@dollemma Guys, I found all the girls at my school! Turns out they were hiding in statistics courses.

My first class had 13 people in it, and 9 of them were women.

More than a few of them were women who had worked for awhile and then come back to school.

It's basically like someone custom designed some friends for me and then shoved us all into a room together. "Here. You're all 28 (cough*giveortake*cough) and you all like math and you are all going to be sitting here, three times a week, learning the same things. You're welcome."

Some of them already knew each other, and one was acting as social director for those who didn't...

and I totally ignored them.

I was trying to explain why to Crockett, but I really have nothing. It may have been shyness, honestly, or it may just have been that I had other stuff to worry about on that first day of school.

Or, it may have been that I'm damn stingy with my time and have enough friends already, thankyouverymuch.

I could have had pizza with them. But I came home and had pizza with Crockett and my girls instead.

Antisocial for the win.

you used to be cool