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You know how it's an easy joke to talk about how old people don't understand computers? Har de har har, it's HILARIOUS that a technology that we grew up with is tough for people who grew up with typewriters and books.

Crockett works for himself, and therefore has an office in our house. I (sort of) have an office too, but it's in the guest room in the basement and there are spiders and no sunshine down there, so while Crockett is gone I'm working in his office. He has all sorts of neat toys.

This is an IM conversation we're currently having.

Me: hi Me: I know you told me last night, but how do I make the wireless keyboard and mouse work? Crockett: turn on bluetooth on your laptop: Is there a weird-looking 'B' up in the menu? Me: yesshhhh Crockett: Or just go to 'Bluetooth' in system Preferences Me: I found it Me: is it automatic? Crockett: no Me: ok Me: it's on Crockett: Choose "Set up bluetooth device..." Me: ooooh I see Me: this is magical Crockett: (and make sure the keyboard and mouse are turned on) Crockett: yes Me: there are on buttons? Me: I see no buttons Me: well, aside from the obvious buttons

I'm not going to share the rest of the conversation with you, because there's a part where I start banging on the mouse like a technically inept monkey. There are also several jokes about dongles that are only funny if you're us (or 12 years old).

Let's just say I see how it's easy to lose track of new technologies*.

And that I hope any kids I might have are technically savvy. And patient.

* Yes, I KNOW bluetooth isn't new technology. Shut up. No, seriously. Shut up.


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