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it was muuuuuurder

Do you think the adult summer camp that I'm building nowhere but in my mind should include a murder mystery? I sort of think the whole thing should be Camp Crystal Lake style - boating and fun sexy times and lots of drinks and then BOOM.

People start disappearing.

First a few counselors, obviously, and then - reverse hide and seek style - we start picking up people who go outside to investigate.

Of course, instead of killing them we take them to a party, where there are more drinks and maybe pin the tail on the donkey... some strip poker....

This is the best idea I've ever had.

WAY better than last week, when someone wanted to make their game of flip cup more interesting so I said 'play strip flip cup!' and then everyone looked at me aghast and I remembered that I was at a family birthday party and they were all cousins.

That was not the best idea I ever had.

my nose vs. an Audi allroad