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Last night I was having dinner with my mom, and she was telling me about a book she read (by someone named Taylor. Maybe.) that started with some sort of nuclear accident, and ended with a bunch of cranky old men taking over the government (ha) and making divorced women their baby machines. It sounded lovely. I'm not entirely sure that (even if my mom remembered the name of the book) I want to read it.

Funny story, though?

Did you know that recently a change was made in credit card applications? They used to ask about household income, and in February they started asking about individual income instead. When you combine that with the 2009 Credit CARD Act that ruled that no one could be granted a credit card without enough income to justify their credit line, there is one really really unfortunate side effect:

Stay at home parents need their spouses to cosign for cards.

90% of stay at home parents are women. Women who now cannot obtain a line of credit without asking for their husbands permission.

Fun, huh.

Oh, also?

Did you know that 'more laws governing women's reproductive health have been enacted at the state level than in any other full year since at least 1985', in just the first 6 months of this year?

Let's review some of the highlights, courtesy of the Guttmacher Institute, shall we?

Since January:

  • Four states have banned abortion at and after 20 weeks (ID, IN, OK, KS)
  • Five states have required women to have an ultrasound before an abortion (AZ, FL, IN, KS, TX)
  • Eight states have limited the abortion coverage available in the Health Exchange (Obama's health care) (FL, ID, IN, KS, NE, OK, UT, VA)
  • Two states require counselors to inform women that a fetus is a person (IN, KS)
  • One state requires counseling on fetal pain (you get on with your bad self, Indiana)
  • One state requires counseling to include inaccurate information that having an abortion increases the risk of getting breast cancer (nice one, North Dakota)
  • Seven states have voluntarily increased the amount of information they report to the CDC about each abortion (AL, ID, IN, KS, ND, OK, TX)

Let me reiterate my stance on abortion: your body, your call. Simple. There is no reasoning by which someone who doesn't know a woman or her situation should be able to impose his (or her) will on that woman's body. None at all.

My particular favorites above are the ones that require pregnant women to get lectured to like they're misbehaving little girls.


That's a lot of changes in rules and rights.

None of which have been in the direction of equality.

Good thing we have the Social Security debacle to distract us, huh? Otherwise this might be kind of depressing.

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