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Something big happened yesterday. Or the day before. You might've heard.

Bin Laden was apparently killed.

Two things:

1) What does it say about me that I feel that it's necessary to insert 'apparently' into the former statement? Does it say that perhaps I read too many political thrillers? Why yes, I think it does. Quite literally, the first thing I thought when I realized the headlines weren't jokes (why I thought they might be jokes is an entirely different and perhaps more sinister question) is 'yeah yeah, show us the body and maybe we'll believe you'. I mean, if true, this is a massive win for Obama. Remember when what's his face, though... um, Hussein? Saddam Hussein was captured the year before Bush was up for reelection, and everyone suspected that we knew where he was and Bush just postponed it until it would do him good politically?

All I'm saying is we've apparently already dumped Osama's body at sea.

And 2012 is an election year.

And also I really have been reading too much David Baldacci.

2) If it weren't for news organizations buying advertising on food and humor websites, I would never know any major news.


Words. Discuss amongst yourselves.