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I love other peoples blogs. Truly adore them. And my favorite kind? The dairy diary kind.

They're usually about food, but there are other types too. They're usually not particularly emotional - not like, Dear Dairy Diary, today someone was MEAN to me and I cried and cried. They're more like - today, I did this and that and ate this and that and sometimes something exciting will happen like a car gets dinged in the grocery store parking lot and ... well, that's about it.

I don't know why I find them so fascinating.

I mean, if my best friend called me at the end of every day and said ok so this is what I ate and this is what I did and geesh I almost fell down the stairs at like 3 o'clock I would be irritated by the second day.

I wonder if it's the voyeurism of a stranger's minutiae that appeals. If one of my best friends were to start such a blog, would I somehow find it interesting once it was in writing? Is it the ability to consume the information in private, rather than the person the information comes from? If my friend is on the phone telling me about her near fall down the stairs I have to be kind of sympathetic, but when I'm reading it on the internet I'm allowed to chortle - is that the difference?

Who knows.

Anyway, I read a lot of those blogs.

They're internet reality tv, I guess.

No - just 'problems'

I feel so violated