Colorado. Runner. Yogi. Fucking hilarious, like, 17% of the time.

Because I'm fabulous, obviously.

Oh, wait. That isn't me?


Ok, fine. I freely acknowledge that Emma Email Marketing was around before I took this picture (although I don't know for sure when they started using their current logo...).

I also acknowledge that the entire world does not revolve around me.

I don't acknowledge that freely, mind you. It's more of a teeth pulling kind of acknowledgement, but still. It's acknowledged.

The Emma company seems cool. Since I'm not in the email marketing world, I don't know for sure if they're actually good at what they do, but based on the prevalence of the not-my-Emma-face ads on the internets, they must have be earning some money to spend on adverstising.

Anyhow. In case it wasn't clear, I am in no way affiliated with this company and I'm not actually accusing them of using me as their logo.

I am considering emailing them and offering to be their real live spokesperson, though.


this is it