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This weekend I was lucky enough to have dinner with two entirely different sets of wonderful girlfriends. During both dinners, I found myself yelling "but we're grown ass women" at least once.

Last night, it definitely had to do with zits. And perhaps career goals. On Friday night I think it had to do with the fact that I didn't want to play Rock Band.

I've finally pinpointed the problem.

See, I haven't entirely given up on climbing trees. I climbed one earlier this year when Crockett and I were in Santa Fe.

As we all know, climbing a tree means you'll never grow up.

Right? Because songs are always true?

Anyway, my tree climbing must be the reason that all of my magical grown up benefits haven't kicked in yet. Clear skin and career certainty and all that stuff - big trees with strong branches are the only thing standing between me and them.

I've got you figured out, life. In your face.

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