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summer lovin'

Do you go through new and old music phases? Not like today: Kanye, tomorrow: Bach. More like today: I want nothing more than to listen to something I know and love - something I can sing and dance too because I know every word and beat. Tomorrow, perhaps I'll want to listen to the new Kanye. Or the new Paul Simon (on brief first listen, it sounded like Pauly was a little sad - cheer up, dude. Or at least be sad and wry, like in some of the Graceland songs).

Graceland is the greatest album of all time.

Anyway, I just bought something I can't believe I didn't already own.

The Grease Soundtrack.

Tell me more, tell me moooOOOOREEEEEEE.

*Did you know that on certain blogs, if you click on Amazon links and then buy what was linked, the blogger gets a percentage of that sale? They're called Amazon Affiliates. I think it's a neat idea, but I'm not one - the affilate program isn't available in Colorado. Sad but true. Buy yourself a copy of Grease if you don't already have one, but don't think I'm getting anything out of it. Except for the satisfaction of a job well done, of course.


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