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Remember last semester when I spent a whole crapton of time filling out applications for the National Science Foundation fellowship, even though I'd never heard of it before my advisor asked me to apply? I didn't get it.

I planned on using this as a decision point. I kept telling people that if I got the fellowship, I would stay in school, and if I didn't, I wouldn't.

I'm not particularly fond of the major I picked (dear everyone who looked askance when I announced I was getting my masters in computer science - you were right, ok? YOU WIN) and I don't necessarily have any alternative ideas for something I'd like better.

I have to finish the semester, because otherwise some NSF knee breakers will be after me for the money I got paid this year (totally unrelated to the fellowship.) I'm not going to pay to continue school if I don't have any genius ideas about what to major in. Waste of time and money, yo.

Fake rap slang is not  major.

Don't worry, yo, I checked.

So. What should I do instead?

No, I'm really asking.

What should I do instead?


oh, South Dakota