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laying it all out

Ok, are you ready? This is not going to be interesting to anyone except possibly other students who want to commiserate (or feel superior, if you're doing more). If you're not in that camp, I'll see you tomorrow. If you are a student who feels superior, I'm ok with that. Just try to do it quietly.

Globalization - done by May 5:

  • A short paper on Stiglitz's Freefall: America, Free Markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy (due tomorrow)
  • A short paper on some other book that I haven't even looked at because it's not due until a week from tomorrow
  • A 20 page term paper on the global economic effects of 'Free Trade' with a focus on coffee and American attitudes

Theory of Computation - done by May 3:

  • An assignment about plain Turing machines
  • An assignment about multi-tape Turing machines
  • A final exam

Advanced Social Statistics - done by May 5:

  • A chapter and assignment on chance models in genetics
  • A chapter and assignment on tests of significance
  • A chapter and assignment on advanced tests for averages
  • ... modeling measurement error
  • ... the accuracy of averages
  • ... modeling employment and unemployment
  • ... the chi-square test
  • ... advanced tests of significance

Doesn't it seem doable, when I lay it all out like that? I have 17 days and only 13 assignments and one exam. BOOM. Fewer than one per day. (Please don't mention the likelyhood of researching and writing a 20 page paper in one day. I am well aware. I have already written down all of the places that grow coffee. Yay me!)

Also, today I got to talk to a bunch of high school boys about computer science.

They thought I was nifty.

It made me feel all special and stuff.


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