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There is very little in the world that makes me angry faster than someone trying to pull a punch when they're telling me something they think I won't like. So. Obviously, an example is forthcoming. I'm working on this presentation. My guidelines for the presentation consisted of a single sentence - 'show things that high school students can do to prepare themselves for computer science in college, other than taking CS in high school'.

Fine. I took that sentence and ran with it.

What I came up with wasn't directionally identical to what the person who asked me for it originally had in mind. Hold on while I read that sentence again.... ok, I'm going to call it good and move on. Confusing, sure, but sometimes I'm confusing okay JEESH.

So sure, what I came up with wasn't quite what she wanted. Fine.

She told me that slowly, over ten or fifteen sentences, with little compliments strewn in between, and a concerned look on her face.

You're not telling me I have incurable cancer of the toe, lady, you're telling me that my understanding of your short instruction is different from how you intended it. You are telling me that now, during the last two weeks of the semester, I have to start something over again, which sucks, but it's not TOE CANCER.

I don't actually know if toe cancer is a thing, by the way. You can get cancer anywhere, right?

I wouldn't have minded if she'd been like hey, this isn't what I was going for - sorry for the confusion but let's get this fixed. Instead she acted like I was unbalanced.

Which I'm not.

Obviously. Because rants like this always come from completely balanced people.

It's just, if something is wrong, being babied while I'm told about it makes it worse. I'm a rip-off-the-bandaid, tell-me-I-smell-right-when-you-notice-it-and-then-make-a-joke-about-it kind of girl.

What makes you irrational angry?

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