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I bought this very exciting book last week from Amazon. It's called something about Edible Front Yard Gardening something something. Obviously it's so exciting that I couldn't help but remember the name.

We have this whole gigantic back yard, so there's no reason for me to grow stuff in the front yard. However, the point of the book is making edible stuff also look attractive, and it seems to me that a back yard should be just as pretty as a front yard, even if you're the only ones looking at it.

I've had a lot of coffee already this morning.

Actually I haven't had very much coffee, but I think what I had was really highly caffeinated.

Also I had cheesecake with strawberry coulis (which is basically strawberrys and lots of sugar).

So maybe it's a combination of sugar and caffeine, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to put in a whole gorgeous garden today and today only. Beans and corn and tomatoes and NO EGGPLANT. Herbs and squashes and lettuces, but NO carrots. I don't have to grow carrots if I don't want to, you hear me?

Gosh I'm glad I'm back. Otherwise, where else would you get a Friday morning rant about carrots?