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Did you know that on Netflix you can have more than one person on an account? And that you can give that person their own queue?

So, like, if Crockett and I were to share a Netflix account (which we currently don't because sure we're in love and we live together but I don't know if we're ready for Netflix sharing, come on, people), we could each have a sub-account that would have it's own little queue, so that when I send Gilmore Girls Season 3 Disc 2 back I'll get the next Gilmore Girls, even if The True Story of Elliott Spitzer and His Hookers has been first Crockett's queue for longer.  He would have to mail back Big Love Season 4 Disc 8 (whatever) before he could get that one.

This is awesome for several reasons. First, awesome for people like he and I, because I'm obsessive about watching them toot sweet and mailing them back and he's ... not-so-much. It would be just plain depressing for me to have to wait for him to mail his back in order to get mine.

Full disclosure - the most recent Big Love disc did not get mailed back in a timely fashion due to me, not him.

None the less, the generalization holds. He looked back at his rental records and established that he rents about 3 movies a month. Because I hate it when someone knows a fact about themselves that I don't know about myself, I did the same thing, and I average two movies a week.


So, separate queues are genius.

One day he and I will get there.


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