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oh, South Dakota

South Dakota gun laws:

  • Rifle: No permit, no registration, no waiting period.
  • Shotgun: No permit, no registration, no waiting period.
  • Handgun: No permit, no registration, 48 hour waiting period, and the purchase must be registered with the local chief of police within 6 hours.

South Dakota abortion laws:

  • Any abortion (including those resulting from rape or abuse): 72 hour waiting period, mandatory counseling from a 'Crisis Pregnancy Center'.

Are you familiar with 'Crisis Pregnancy Centers'? No?

They're - ahem - not particularly interested in helping women who are going through a crisis.

From Ms. Magazine:

CPCs often pose as comprehensive health centers and offer "free" pregnancy tests. Some CPCs coerce and intimidate women out of considering abortion as an option, and do not offer women neutral or comprehensive medical advice. Often CPCs are run by anti-abortion zealots who are not licensed medical professionals.

I know women who have had abortions. I have read amazing stories by and of women who have had abortions. Some of them are still sad. Some of them aren't.

None of them took it lightly.

None of them walked into a clinic without having weighed their options and made their decision.

The waiting period for purchasing a handgun, as I understand it, is a period of time designed to allow blood to cool. Caught your man in bed with another lady? Sorry, honey, all we can give you right now is a shotgun. No murder for you! Unless, of course, you're willing to use a shotgun...

States that institute a handgun waiting period want to be sure that they're not helping commit a murder.

Abortion is not murder.

Abortion is an action that a woman takes when for absolutely any reason she cannot or does not want to carry a child to term in her uterus.

The key phrase there is 'her uterus'.

South Dakota seems to be a little confused. They think that two days is enough time for someone considering murder to calm the fuck down. They think that three days are necessary for a woman who has likely already made one of the hardest decisions she's ever faced to... well, that's the question. Calm the fuck down? Refrain from murder? Neither of those apply. The three days are apparently designed mostly to make her feel bad, as is the mandatory time with 'counselors' who are part of a nationwide institution that is demonstrably pro-life.

Yes, women seeking abortion in South Dakota (hopefully you're looking in Sioux Falls, because that's where the only provider is located). You have to come down, request your abortion, listen to a lecture, and then spend a minimum of three days kicking around.

Hopefully no one is interested in killing you.  He or she will have a gun a full 24 hours before you get to do what you came for and go home to your life.


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