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Today I was cranky. Cranky cranky cranky.

I have a whole bunch of work to do because two of my professors and my grant advisor all JUST realized that spring break is the week after next, and golly-gee but they thought we'd have more done by now. Well, we'll just have to do a little extra work to catch up, right? Right?

Plus the next three nights I'l be sleeping at my mom's house with her dogs, because she'll be out of town. I don't mind at all - she takes care of my dogs, I take care of hers. Fair trade. (Although now, my dogs have a live in manny in the form of Crockett.

No one ever tell him I said that.)

The idea of sleeping away from home stresses me out, though. It's just the way I've always been.

AND, two days from now I have a doctors appointment that I'm dreading. Thank you to everyone who reassured me that it won't be so bad - I really appreciate it. I feel better about it, but not great about it - know what I mean?

AND, this morning I had to spend three hours on the phone with GoDaddy because all of the behind the scenes baloney was wonked up and I couldn't log in and sigh. It doesn't really matter. I'm on linux now, if you care. It's theoretically going to help.

I realize that none of these are world ending.

Oh, I forgot - also? My dogs were a gigantic pain in the ass today. They always are when I'm cranky. It's like they  can sense it.

When Crockett got home from work I told him about the dogs being evil because of my crankiness, and he very sensibly asked how much of that is my perception and how much of it is real.

And then I ninja kicked him in the throat.

In my head.

See? Cranky.

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