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this is MY time

It's 10:03 am on Tuesday as I start this post. My parallel computing course is from 9:30 to 10:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I'm posting from class, because the projector in our room is broken and my professor (the same one whose accent I don't understand) can't lecture without his powerpoint slides. He wrote a couple of things on the boards (there are arrows, that's about as specific as I can be) in the first two minutes, and for the last 30 he's been leaving the classroom and returning with various strangers and taking them up to said projector.

Thus far, no one has been able to fix it.

I'm irritated by the whole thing for two reasons.

1) I'm paying for this class. Ok, I mean, technically I'm working for someone who is paying for the class in exchange for my work, but still - there is paying being done! Is it TRULY necessary to have those slides? I happen to know that they aren't even slides he developed. They're the slides that the textbook publisher distributes with the book. If I'm going to drag my ass here to learn about parallel programming from him, perhaps he should be able to speak off the cuff regarding PARALLEL PROGRAMMING?

2) It's now 10:08. He is now more than halfway through the period. I have sat here for 38 minutes doing nothing. He's using MY TIME to fix something. I could have been working on other homework or going to my Theory of Computation prof's office hours - I could have still been in bed with Crockett! I could be at the gym. I could be walking around enjoying the 50 degree weather. I could be doing a lot of things, if he had had the decency to give it fifteen minutes and then dismiss us. You know? He really does expect us to sit here in silence for 75 minutes while he climbs on chairs and tracks down experts.

I think I'm mostly irritated because I'm trying to drop this class, but I haven't worked it out yet and I'm still attending in case I get stuck here.

He just about fell off of a desk.

Arms waving, the whole nine yards.

At least now I'm getting a show.


It's what I had to do