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ok, WHAT?

I just spent several minutes on the Department of Homeland Security website, looking for their statement of purpose. I can't find a freaking thing, which is making me even crankier than I was before I started looking. I appreciate that there are risks and threats that exist now that didn't in the age of horse drawn carriages and what have you. I do definitely have some ideals that I am aware clash with what our government has put in place regarding those extra threats, so I don't expect to agree with even most of what they do.

But I ask you, y'all -

Why can my darling Crockett no longer watch hockey?

I'm talking about ATDHE, a website that streamed hockey from Buffalo (and probably some other sports and athletes from some other places - I don't really keep up with that*). The Sabres games are only available here via Versus, and we don't get Versus, and it's a whole big thing. We could make it work, sure, but it's hockey and he only wants to watch the Sabres games and COME ON. I'm not going to debate that we're not doing something a little unethical, ok?

But a threat to Homeland Security? Us? For watching hockey? This is what you see now, when you visit the website:

What does this have to do with terrorism?

Am I being silly, or have we created a government department that can do anything that it wants to do? Again, I'm not claiming that it wasn't ok to shut it down. It's a bummer, but I'm in no way an expert in copyright law and I ain't pretending to be. Apparently this whole thing has something to do with the Superbowl.

I dunno. Seems a little ridiculous to me, though.

*The Sabres played the Avs here in Denver a month ago and I really wanted to wear this hockey jersey that I have, but it's for a team that is a totally different team than the two teams that were playing, and Crockett said that would be like holding up a sign that said 'GO SPORTS' and I said no, it would be like holding a sign that said 'ATHLETE WILL YOU MARRY ME' and now I want to make both of those signs and take them with me to a game of some kind.

I can't stop reading...

Waa waa wa wa waa waaaa