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Oh, Franco

The essence of Franco, after all, is that he's curated Franco. This is what's made it so ridiculous but also bearable: he's like someone we all know, who gets super-involved in all his hobbies, but he's kind of good at all of them and doesn't take himself seriously so we can all just laugh and say, "Oh, Franco!" (Or whoever your personal equivalent might be.)

This is what I want.

Not James Franco.

To be that person. The one who gets all super involved in things and is mostly good at them and doesn't freak out about them and is indulged by everyone around her.

I'm considering changing my degree program, from computer science to statistics. My whole life plan involves a sort of social sciences thing, with a possible PhD, and statistics would support that quite well (plus, turns out I hate programming).

Alternatively, my whole life plan involves a bakery.

Or maybe my whole life plan involves being an author.

Anyway. I have to talk to my advisor (who is also the head of the Computer Science department) about this idea. I emailed her an overview earlier, basically stating that I'm looking to make some changes. I need her to sign off on adding one class (a statistics one) and dropping another (Parallel Programming dear god please). I'm worried she's going to take it personally. She let me into the CS program with very little experience. She really really really wants women in CS. She's been ... nice.

Nice. Basically, I feel bad about considering changing my focus because I'm worried that someone who was nice to me may or may not be mildly disappointed. My degree, my possible career, my education (that I'm paying for (via grant but still)), vs her mild disappointment. And yet I feel bad. I'm worried.

Here's where the indulgence comes in. If I could just have an aura that made people go 'oh, Emma', and let me do what I wanted, that'd be swell.

Maybe I need cuter hair.

That would probably help.

It's what I had to do