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Before the class that I'm currently sitting in, I stopped by the restroom. While washing my hands, which I ALWAYS do, I glanced at myself in the mirror and noticed that one of my eyebrows had moisturizer in it, and that moisturizer had dried white. I had one white eyebrow.

If I hadn't stopped by the bathroom or had looked at my hands instead of my face, I could have gone HOURS without noticing.

Obviously no one would have told me. I don't actually have to interact with anyone until 1:30, and the average person doesn't stop a stranger on the street to say 'excuse me, are you aware that one of your eyebrows is white?'.

Now that I fixed it, I feel all gunky. I'm obsessed. I'm convinced I have another reservoir of moisturizer somewhere - in my hairline, maybe, or under my chin. Or maybe I have toilet paper hanging from my shoe. Or sweater fuzz in my hair. Or bugs.

Maybe there are BUGS crawling on me.

Gunky eyebrows are apparently the gateway to a downward spiral into insanity.

all the little birdies on jay bird street

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