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all the little birdies on jay bird street

I sort of inadvertantly quit twitter for awhile, but I'm back. You know how people are always saying that super irritating thing where they're all 'dude, social media is a conversation'? If you don't, just believe me when I say they are. People say that. Loudly and irritatingly. Usually to help prove that they themselves are super connected to the social media scene - perhaps in a way you yourself are not, Ms. Oh-you-didn't-know-it-was-a-conversation.

What I noticed when I tried to rejoin, though, is that it's less of a conversation than it is a rapidly moving highway. You get off, and then you try to get back on and people are zooming past you with jokes about Wisconsin (seriously, what's happening in Wisconsin?) and you have month old replies that were hilarious but you didn't notice them, and you respond and the person who wrote them in the first place doesn't even remember who you are, much less what the hell the two of you were talking about four whole weeks ago.

Four weeks in twitter time is like ten years in real life.

I missed ten years.

In twitter time I'm now 40.

Now that I've mixed several metaphors and have completely stopped making sense, I'll return to the point.

I'm back on twitter.

The revenge date