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Yesterday I went to a mandatory school orientation. It was two hours long, and contain such gems as 'the best way to meet a goal is to clearly define it and then work towards it'. As Star pointed out, they were talking to a room full of people who applied to and were accepted to graduate school. Perhaps meeting goals is something we've previously encountered.

It's such a thin line between helpful and condescending, isn't it? I guess that if I already know what you're telling me, I'm going to find it condescending, no matter what your intentions.

Perhaps that's an Emma thing.

My friend Chewbacca spent half of last year reminding me every day to make a list of things that I wanted to do before I turned 30. I didn't listen to him, because in general I find that stuff entertaining about 1 day out of every 5, and somehow that day was never a day that he reminded me that I also had time to make said list.

Of course, now I have four days  left as a 29 year old.

Is there something that, on Monday, I'm going to regret not doing?

I don't think so.

See, graduate student department?

I'm doing just fine. Goals set and met - that's me. Goal girl.

As far as nicknames go, though, let's not have that catch on.

Also? We just got back from Santa Fe and while I was there I memorized the route to Trader Joe's and I thought of yet another mostly useless super power - always being able to locate the nearest TJ's.  (Please note that I said mostly useless. If there were a Trader Joe's in this state I would already know where it was, and I would be there all the time. However, if there were three or four and I was a bike messenger and also addicted to chocolate covered almonds, it would be helpful to know where the nearest one was. Very specific - hence, mostly useless.)

ooooh I'm a girl

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