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still rock and roll to me

I'm not very good at programming. I mean, sure, I'm in a Computer Science masters program. Sure, I'm not actually failing my classes. Any actual programming successes I have, however, are due to a lot of sludgy mind deadening work.

I'm doing ok in school though, because of one small thing.


I'm not making any claims to a world wide coolness level. I'm not cooler than you, darling readers. Coolness means something else at an engineering school, though. Let me give you some examples.

  1. I do not wear the same thing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  2. I am comfortable talking to people, including people with genitalia that differs from mine.

I was going to give you three, but 2 is really all you need. Coolness is currency, and all you need is to have more than the next guy.  I'm working on a project with two boys in my Algorithm Design class. They're really nice guys. They're also really pleased to be on a team with me. Why? I'm not contributing nearly as much as some of the other people in my class could.

Oh wait, I know why. I'm not the guy who yells really loud answers to rhetorical questions. I'm not the three boys who have been wearing Santa hats since the beginning of the semester. I'm not the ridiculously large number of people in my class who don't shower as often as perhaps they should. I'm just me.

Coolness means different things to different people, but it turns out? Basic social skills and cleanliness exist on a field that a lot of very smart people haven't yet learned to play on.


I'm the new Queen of the Nerds.