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December 31st, 9 pm

Lie. It's 4:13, but I was going for a whole 'Rent' thing there, did you get that? So.

New Year's Eve.

It's 4:13 and I am plan free. It's 5 degrees here in my little part of the world. There's snow and ice on the ground. I have several places I'd like to go, but they're all more than 5 minutes away and cold snowy icy driving isn't my favorite even when the roads aren't primarily the domain of drunken louts wearing these:

Please don't ask me why there are three holes. I was too lazy to find pictures of glasses that aren't for aliens. Maybe they're so you and your cyclops buddy can share.

I'm pulling for a quiet night at home, but since I love Crockett I suppose he gets a vote too. We shall see. Either way, I've made some celebratory snacks and am 4/5 of the way through the Vampire Diaries Season 1.

Let me digress for a second.

Did you know the Vampire Diaries were based on a trilogy +1? (A trilogy that later had a fourth added. Perhaps there's an official novely word for that, but I'm guessing you see what I'm saying. It's just math. Very simple math. And also the word trilogy. Actually, I don't think you can add a number to a word. That's probably not allowed. God, you'd think I was in college or something, eh?)

I had them when I was younger. The first one was published in 1991, when I was 10, and I don't think I read them until later than that. L. J. Smith wrote another series called The Secret Circle, and that was the one I was really into. I mean, really.

The Secret Circle, published in 1992, is the reason that I spent most of high school secretly believing I was a witch.

I probably still sort of do.

It's been optioned by the CW now too.

I'm not actually upset that the CW is taking my teen angstmagic books and making them into tv shows. I really just wanted you guys to know that I totally knew about them first.

What was I talking about?

Happy New Years, babies. I love you.

best of

the guy