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Yesterday, I had a few minutes to kill and I was in the vicinity of a Sephora. I have as much makeup as I need, at the moment, because ... well, actually, I've basically always had as much makeup as I needed. I don't have as much makeup as I want, because I have absolutely NO SHINY GOLD EYESHADOW, but since I have nowhere to wear shiny gold eyeshadow, wanting is not even close to translating into needing.

I guess I could wear it to school... I digress.

Since I'm all set in the makeup department, I swung by the hair section. The humidity in Colorado has dropped to  - well, currently it's 9% here in Louisville. 9%. Do you know what that does to ones hair, if ones hair is even a little bit inclined to be dry?

The girl in Sephora tried to convinced me to buy this conditioner.

Oh, it smelled delicious. It can be used as a leave in, in the shower, whenever. It is apparently a hair miracle in a jar.

It's also $38.

Six months ago, I would have bought it. I would have been pissed about how much it cost, but I would have paid for it anyway, because I've filed my dry hair under 'a problem that needs to be fixed'. I would have justified the purchase by saying, 'well, I could buy a bunch of crappy conditioners and waste plastic and money and time, or I could just buy the one that will work'.

That, y'all, was my version of financial independence. Getting to buy minor luxuries that were a little bit ridiculous. I didn't buy a sports car. I didn't buy Louboutins. I bought expensive conditioner.

I miss my moisturized hair. I do not miss my job.

Fair trade, I guess.

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