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Star had a dream last night that I died, and she found out via the newspaper. Isn't that sad?

I'd like everyone to take a moment of silence for the death of me that happened in Star's head. If you chose to follow that with a moment of wondering why she would dream such a thing, I won't stop you.

Someone has gained control of one of my IM accounts. I went through this whole rigamarole to delete it, and I just found out that the one I deleted was not actually the one that became compromised. The one that was compromised is tied to an email address that I use for pretty much every login and sign up for this and enter this contest thing that I come across.

1) I'm pissed. Yeah, it coulda been way way worse, but it's still kind of a pain in the butt.

2) I'm embarrassed. I still use it for email, but I've retired it for IM, and therefore the people who are getting the 'hey, do u know your IQ? ill give you 20 if you can beat me' IM's are people I'm no longer in constant touch with. Therefore, they might think that travesty of grammar is actually me.

Should I just delete the damn email account? It might actually be sort of freeing.... or it might turn out to be the one I gave to someone like... my doctor, or something. I get 60+ emails a day on it, so it would probably save me a measurable amount of time to no longer check it....


Yes, you are.

The big five oh. Oh.