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C plus plus? More like C minus minus!

I would like to make a radical proposal. I would like to propose that from now until the end of forever, we standardize certain shit.

For example: metric vs Imperial? Pick one.

Driving on the left side vs the right side? Come on, y'all. 90% of the world already made up their minds. (I'm looking at you, England.)

Shapes of screw heads? Can anyone convincingly argue that we need all of those? .... Yeah, that's what I thought.

Standard clothing sizes. Standard sizes and shapes for things that have to fit together - like snowboards and bindings. (I'm looking at you now Burton - England, you're not off the hook, I'll glance back and forth every so often, so keep feeling watched).

Also? ALSO?


Ok, maybe two.

But this? THIS???

No. Just.. no.

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