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An unexplained pay gap of at least 12% exists between the working men and the working women of America. Gosh, why the FUCK would we want to do anything about that, Senate?

What is the problem, here? The Fair Paycheck Act would “allow employees and courts to intrude too far into core business decisions”?

If you are a business owner and your business decisions include paying your female employees less money for the same work, you are an asshole and someone sure as hell needs to stick their nose in your business. Sooner rather than later.

Not that that's going to happen any time soon, apparently.

I am so sad right now.

Let me make this perfectly clear. That wage gap does not exist because of the choices that women make. That wage gap exists because of workplace bias.It needs to be rectified. If a business could prove that that their male employees are better paid than the female ones for a good reason, that business would not have been forced to take any  corrective action.

There's nothing to be scared of, in that.

So really, what the fuck just happened?

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