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I don't usually cross post - the point of writing for three blogs is to get to write three different things. However, I'm really pissed off about this, so it's going here as well as The Road. If you want something else, try Mangled Baby Duck! It's healthy, delicious, and contains 0% actual duck. Also? I'm totally counting this as a nablopomo entry, because of this little intro. Shut your mouth if you have something to say about that.

Have I mentioned that I'm in grad school?

Oh, I have?

Ok, then. My project is this: I'm working with several other female academics to figure out why there are so few women in computer science, and what we can do about it.

We're not the first people to tackle this problem. As a matter of fact, we're probably not in the first 1000 people to tackle this problem.  Sift through the Jezebel #WomenInTecharticles and you'll see that it's an issue addressed regularly. Some people (like me and my team) look for reasons and solutions. Others insist that it's a natural phenomenon, based on the (ahem) different skills and interests of men and women.

October was National Cyber Security Awareness Month (I'm totally sure you knew that, I was just reminding you, ok?). My school had poster contest, and the winning entries have been hung up around campus.

The one that hangs in the CS building? The one where all the CS student offices and labs are?

I'm not contesting that it's a very nice drawing.

I am, however, questioning the judgement that not only gave this poster 3rd place, but hung it where the few women who have powered through into the field couldn't help but see it.

Where are the women in this poster? They're clearly excluded from the category of 'people who use computers', because the tagline is 'there exist things in this world scarier than talking to girls'. The implication is that computer scientists are basement dwelling boys isn't complimentary to to men, but it's specifically excluding women.

The woman who IS in this poster is a tiny waisted, huge breasted, imaginary character.

THIS, people, is why more women don't go into computer science.


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