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hush - the grownups are trying to work

Yesterday, I met with my Algorithm Design project team. One fellow is a grad student, like moi, except he's a TA instead of an RA.

I feel morally and intellectually superior being an RA - that's a real thing, right? Like how short people are always able to feel morally and intellectually superior to tall people? Some people are just better than other people. It's the way of the world. Other examples include people who match their shoes to their belts and people who love the hell out of their hair. (Sadly, I'm not in that last category, but fingers crossed, one day I shall be.)

The other is this goofy senior.

They're both hilarious, which is good.

They're also kind of lame.

Two weeks ago, I specifically said 'hey, since the project is due the Monday after Halloween, let's see how much we can get done early so we can play on Halloween weekend'. Then, I tried to get them together. For a week and a half. Our meeting yesterday was the FIRST meeting.

Their stated reason for not minding working over this upcoming weekend?


I thought college students were supposed to be cool, man.

*disappointed head shake*

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