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It's getting to be that time. Halloween is in less than a week, then Thanksgiving is three and a half weeks later. My christmas tree comes one day after that.

I positively adore this time of year, but I don't think it's because I have a special connection to any of these holidays, exactly.

It's because I enjoy a celebration.

Really, I will celebrate anything. Ask Crockett. Last night while making dinner, I suggested that we call our sandwiches 'yay I quit my internship today' sandwiches.

I'm not sure what this is, on my part. Is it an inability to embrace the even pleasantness of every day life? Or rather, is it an enthusiasm for even the silliest things?

I prefer to think it's the latter, but it may be the former. One of the issues that I had with being a working stiff was the complete and total lack of things to look forward to. Two weeks a year of vacation and a raise once every twelve months? Are you kidding me? If you set your enthusiasm clock with those, it would wind down by January 15th. I started celebrating silly things just to have something.

Now that I'm in school again, I have milestones galore. Every week I will have finished a major project, for example, or taken a scary test. I have fewer than two months until Christmas break, and then the whole cycle starts again. I haven't gotten out of the habit of little celebrations, though. I get a pumpkin latte after an exam, or to rent a movie after finishing a crappy project. I carve a pumpkin to celebrate a slightly increased understanding of dynamic programming.

My question is, if you celebrate little things, does that detract from the big things? I do feel that in order to make them stand out, I need to make holidays and birthdays into gigantic deals, but I'm not sure that's a bad thing.

What do you celebrate?

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