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emergency room ho!

How do you spell 'hoe', in the context of  'we're going somewhere awesome and let's gooooo!'? Is it 'ho'? What if I want to stretch it out? Then it seems like it would be pronounced like 'who'. English is sometimes stupid.

Also, today? I was in the emergency room. Because either my appendix is doing that bad bad thing that appendixes do, or something else bad was happening. You'd think after spending the morning in the emergency room, I'd know the answer to that question, but... no.

The three possible options:

1) I have appendicitis. The reason that's still an option, despite the fact that they sent me home, is that my white blood cell count wasn't super high. And they couldn't see my appendix through my intestines using an ultrasound. Those two things together led to them sending me home, because the alternative was irradiating my baby making parts with a CAT scan, and apparently that's risky enough that they opt not to do it unless absolutely necessary. Who knew. I have an appointment to return a) when it gets worse or b) tomorrow at 11:45, whichever comes first. Apparently the hope is that my appendix will get more inflamed and we'll be able to see it in a radiation free manner. Or something.

2) A follicle burst. Follicles, in case you don't know - and who doesn't? oh wait, me - are part of the girly parts mechanism that delivers eggs to ... wherever eggs end up. (My high school sex ed was nonexistent. Don't judge me right now.) When such a thing happens, liquid leaks out into a lady's abdomen, and it can hurt like a mofo. I did not know this, but it's possibly a cause of my owies. If that is the case, the owie will go away on it's own with no repercussions.

3) Something else that neither I nor the doctors considered, up to and including an alien infestation that even House wouldn't immediately identify.

So. That's what's new with me. I could have just said 'my belly hurts' and that would have summed it up too, but what would have been the fun in that?

What's new with you?

who, lil ol me?

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