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you can wake up younger under the knife

Most of the time I write my posts in the morning, before I start the rest of my daily ablutions. (Does anyone else think that word is funny?) Sometimes, though, I'll have a half formed idea and write something up and stick it in the drafts folder for an emergency braindead day.

Today, I looked at my drafts. I found a post titled 'you can wake up younger under the knife' (why, that's the very post you're reading! How crazy!). The post had absolutely no content.

So, last week Emma who thought this was a good and useful idea?

You're stupid.

Everyone, blame her for the lameness of this post today. Not me. This is totally not my fault.

P.S. I wrote a slightly less waste-of-our time post on The Road. If you're bored. Or whatever.

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