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it's math time!!

Ready? 3 classes. 9 hours/week. Commute to and from classes. 3 hours/week. Homework for each class, 15 hours. Total - 45 hours/week. Internship. 20 hours/week. Research assistant position. 20 hours/week. Sleeping, a modest 8 hours per night. 56 hours/week.

Total hours available in a week: 168.

Total hours consumed in a week:  153.

Hours remaining in which I can hang out with Crockett, exercise, walk the dogs, read,blog, watch tv, and try to keep my friends: 15.

Totally reasonable.

I would like to offer a formal 'hell yeah you are' to those men and women who work full time and go to school. Especially those that have children. Oddly, I've never met or heard of single fathers working and going to school - only mothers. A societal trend or merely a coincidence of my location?

Either way, y'all are stars of the rocking variety.

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