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stupid desk

I can't do my homework because I can't get my desk situation figured out. What?

That's totally a valid excuse.

  1. I don't have a comfortable chair.
  2. My desk faces a window and the sun shines in on me in a very inconvenient manner.
  3. There isn't enough space for a lunch plate, a coffee cup, a textbook, a laptop, a secondary screen, and an iPad (on which I have a reference book, so yes it is supposed to be there Crockett).
  4. I don't like doing homework.

Wait, I don't know how #4 got in there. There were only supposed to be three reasons.

I'm giving myself two hours today to figure out the working situation. I may have to move my desk upstairs, or pull a desk or table in from the garage. I may invest in a more comfortable chair.

I may be avoiding studying.

You'd be avoiding it too if you were learning about friend classes on C++, I promise. They're not as friendly as they sound.


Computer programming jokes. My awesomeness is already dramatically improved. Thanks, grad school!

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