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school days, school days, dear old golden rule days

How appropriate is that song right now? I'm going back to school today. In Golden. At the same institution that provided me with my high quality but barely used undergraduate degree. Dear old Golden rule days indeed. My classes don't start until 12, fortunately, so I have time to continue working on my Spark. What I do need to set time apart for, though, is deciding what to wear.

I know. It's not like this is kindergarten. No one will be taking pictures of me walking out the door with my messenger bag over one shoulder and my lunch in one hand. Also, it's not like there will be that many people to judge - according to the website, there are almost 40 people in the Mathematics and Computer Science Graduate program.

If we assume that the overall ratio carries through to my department, that means there are 10 or so other women. If half are math majors, then 4 or 5 are computer science majors. If half are continuing students, then there may be 2 other women starting with me.

So yeah. It's not like there will be a lot of people to judge me. (I am obviously assuming that the men of Mines don't care what I wear. They're engineers. The fact that I have a uterus is going to take them a full semester to get used to.)

However? How often do you have your first day of graduate school? Once. Maybe. I need something that says I'm smart, but I'm laid back. Something that says I'm dedicated, but doesn't look like I tried too hard. Something that's comfortable, but not slobby.

Good thing I still have four hours.

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