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pack up the babies and grab the old ladies

Saturday night Star and I accompanied my mom to a benefit for the local velodrome. (My entire family enthusiastically and somewhat psychotically races bicycles in the most skill intensive ways you can imagine. Except me. Because, as I keep telling them, I'm smarter than they are.)

The races were cool and my opinion that people who ride along what is essentially a vertical WALL in parts are insane remained intact.

At some point in the evening, in relation to absolutely nothing that was happening at the benefit, Star and I started a discussion about what would make you quit having sex with someone. In the actual moment, not removing someone from your sexual Rolodex in general. (I don't have a sexual Rolodex, but I like the sound of it. It's like the little black book for overachievers.) Quit as in stop what you're doing, put your pants on, and leave.

I'm sure we came up with a pretty comprehensive list, since we got home at 11ish and she stayed until 1. However, I didn't write any of them down, and now the only one I can remember is

If they request that you call them grandma or grandpa.

Because - ew.

There you go. Weekend adventures with Emma and Star.

P.S. I've postponed Ask Emma until tomorrow because I forgot about it, so there's still time to get your questions in!

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