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Is it oversharing if you don't know you're doing it?

  1. Creepy?
  2. Awesome?
  3. Both?

(If you can’t or choose not to follow the link, it’s a bookstore that shows you, on a world map, what books are being bought in what areas. There are no details beyond that (To Kill a Mockingbird, California) so personal data isn’t being shared.)

I’m going to go with C. I have spent the last 5 minutes (plus or minus 45) doing nothing but watching these little boxes pop up.

Does that make me creepy, or the website?

*shaking it off*

I have discovered some categories of books that I wasn’t previously aware existed. For example, books that provide instruction on making polymer jewelry that looks like food.

It’s fun. It’s like being a spy without the guilt, work, or threat of deportation.


I shall have a daughter