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dream emma is like regular emma with a middle name of danger

Crockett had a dream about me last night. Apparently it went something like this.

Crockett and I were in Buffalo. We'd been to the bars, and it was 3 am. We had my car and instead of driving home, I insisted that we drive around the Buffalo neighborhoods so I could use my Zillow app to marvel over the cheapness of the houses. (So far dream Emma is exactly like real Emma).

I then saw a townhouse that was merely five thousand dollars. According to Crockett, it looked like a crack house, but my response was 'but it's huge!'. I then parked my car in a dark, drug dealer friendly parking lot and took off for the house, insisting that I just wanted a flyer.

Dream Crockett apparently yelled at dream Emma, which is hilarious because even when I can tell that real Crockett really wants to yell at me, he doesn't.

While he was yelling, the dream drug dealers stole my car, drove around the corner, balanced my laptop on top of a light pole, and then drove away.

This dream leaves me with three questions.

  1. Is dream Emma foolhardy to give Crockett the chance to subconsciously yell at me, because he never does it in real life?
  2. Why balance my laptop on a lightpole? Those dream drug dealers are wacky, I tell you.
  3. Are there really houses available for $5000 in Buffalo?

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