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Cougar Town

I hate that women are currently being compared to cats. It's weird. (Dear Crockett: if you call me a puma one more time I'm going to make you actually buy me a pair of Puma's. That way at least I'll get cool shoes to go with my slightly demeaning nickname.) I refused to watch Cougar Town for that very reason.

Except? Yesterday?

I was trying to do homework and somehow, the ABC app on my iPad came on, and somehow there are NO GOOD SHOES ON ABC (that I haven't already seen).

So I watched all five available episodes of Cougar Town.

So much more charming than I thought.

They drink a truly truly insane amount of wine. They talk about sex in ways that are hilarious and also true.

For example, the most recent episode that I watched involved men's defense mechanisms for when women get mad*. You'd think I would have found that sort of irritating (because of my complete and total hatred of all things clichey sexismy), but I didn't. I think it's the transformative power of Courtney Cox.

I love her.

Other things to love:

  • While Ms. Cox is very thin, the other women in the show are nicely shaped and positively gorgeous.
  • The slutty girl owns her sluttiness. (Girl chest bump, sista.)
  • They do girl chest bumps!
  • The simple dating rules. For example - "I like relationships when you're older. You get to know each other, have sex, decide who will apologize to who, and you're on your way."

*Crockett's defense mechanism is to be very very logical, in case you're wondering.

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