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what's the difference between 'self employed' and 'unemployed'?

Whatever it is, that's the line I'm walking. Because...

I gave notice at work today.

I am absolutely 100% sure this is the right decision.

I am also scared shitless and going insane with the details. You'd think quitting a job would be simple, but no. Have you ever tried to account for every single thing that you do with the intention of passing it off to someone else? The amount of tribal knowledge I have amassed in two years here is roughly equivalent to... well, to the amount that I had when I left my last company, and that led to my replacement stalking me for six months after I left.

Maybe I should explain that to my current company and see if they'll give me a big raise instead....

NO. I'm done. I'm leaving. I'm so fucking excited.


Since I'm planning on having a TON of time between school and Emma Consulting and this blog and the novel that's languishing away somewhere, my bestie Laura and I are starting a blog together.

It's called The Road More Travelled - because what have you done with your life? Are you travelling those mysterious untrodden paths? If you are, you're fabulous and I'd love to hear all about it. I'm not. Neither is Laura. What she is is hilariously insightful, and I'm really excited to share space with her.

It will be up and running next Monday, so don't worry if you forget - I'll remind you again :). Because I'll be unemployed. And have nothing better to do.

On being a good employer

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