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what does 'placed at a crime scene mean?'

It sounds to me like something is put down in the place where a crime was committed, but that doesn't make very much sense. If your car was 'placed at a crime scene', doesn't that sound like the cops borrowed it, drove it over to the scene, lifted up the yellow tape, and gently parked your car above the ajar pothole that was used to get into the sewer where the tunnel into the bank vault had been dug? The only time I've been the victim of a crime was this time in high school when someone broke into my 1983 Audi, took my Rent CD OUT of my CD player, and then stole the CD player and the rest of my CDs.

Otherwise known as the day that my stuff was stolen and my musical tastes were harshly, harshly judged.

Other than that occasion, crime in my head is always very heist-like. There are always black outfits and expensive tools, sexy co-criminals and evil targets. When I hear about thieves, I always picture them leaning over a drafting table in the corner of a dimly lit warehouse, planning entry points and exit routes.

Clearly, this isn't the most accurate version of things, but it's the one I prefer.


It's the kind of thief I'd like to be.

P.S. I know that The Road More Travelled, which I have been pimping like mad, isn't working. We're trying to figure it out REALLY HARD. If you don't believe me, ask GoDaddy - I spoke to them 6 times yesterday. I have the menu options memorized. I will make it work.

one of these days, Alice