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really, Emma? REALLY?

I rearranged my living room to be more conducive to the doing of homework.

I know that some people are distracted by the outdoors, but I find it sort of boring. Wait, did I say boring? Maybe I meant calming.

No, I meant boring.

I can just as easily distract myself with a wall as I can with the outdoors, so facing the window is no big deal. Plus, sunshine is healthy.

My back is to the television, because that I can't avoid staring at if it's in my eyeline. Even if it's off.

What I really want to draw attention to, though, is right here:

See the four red circles?

iPad, iPod, (iPhone was in my hand taking the picture), Dell laptop, and Acer Netbook.

All running.


I'm not solving world hunger here, people. I'm multitasking, sure, but am I really incapable of chatting, working, and blogging simultaneously on one device?

Apparently I am. While any one of these could do everything I needed, I'm running all five.

I'm so disappointed in myself right now.

I'm not turning anything off, in case you were wondering.

dear self

one of these days, Alice