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I'm traveling again

In case you were wondering what the deal with the spotty posting is.I'm in western New York, because it's where Crockett grew up. I'm in his childhood home as I type.

Its a weird feeling, being here. Dating as an adult (and I mean adult adult, not college student) is sometimes hard because you've missed so much. This house, this street, this town are all full of things that he carries around with him that I'm probably never going to be aware of.

Thats fine, of course. You can never know everything about anyone, I know. I do know.

But I understand the appeal of the childhood sweetheart. The shared history. The shorthanded memories, where all one of you has to say is 'gondola' to make the other laugh hysterically. There being no ghosts of first loves kicking around.

Not seeing your boyfriend get a (perfectly innocent but unexpected and therefore sort of emotionally-sucker-punchy) text from the woman he was with for as long as you've been out of school.

Oh wait- that doesn't have anything to do with childhood sweethearts! Except that if I'd been Crockett's she wouldn't be kicking around out there being all 'I know him better than you do' and all 'I'm not about to start my seventh career because I know how to make up my mind' and all 'why yes I'm a natural blond'. (I of course have no reason to believe she's saying any of these things, but in my head she mentioned them a few hundred times last night. Loudly.)

Of course, if Crockett had been my childhood sweetheart, I never would have gotten kicked out of Target for riding children's bikes through all the aisles with Jumpsuit, and I never would have been a pretend groupie for Mohawk's band. I never would have been to Minneapolis or Henderson KY or Calabasas CA. I wouldn't be who I am, and Crockett loves me and I love me, so it's good that I am this woman.

I don't like to share, but it's impossible not to share with the past. Especially while I'm here.

Fortunately, this town/village/four intersecting streets with a name is beautiful. Crockett's parents are friendly and funny and so sweet. I'm already known as "that girl who bought all our Diet Pepsi" at the local shop.


I saw Niagara Falls.

So, awesome.

Every other day, every other day of the week is fine yaaa-ah-yeahhh

Um, guys?