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I haven't made any new friends since Star and I wrote the original 'wanna be my friend' quiz (well, except male friends, but male friends are a totally different breed that need their own questions*), which is good because we have some changes to make. Star is getting her hair cut and colored today, and we've spent several hours over the last few days looking at pictures of cuts, do's, and streaks. This is a big step for her (she's working on being more intentional with her appearance), so we want to get it right.

Then, in an IM conversation, she pointed out that one of the traits a rockin' friend has to have is the ability to be on your decision making committee. When talking appearance, jobs, moves, whatever, your friends need to be able to give you enough feedback to help you make the right decisions without bossing your ass around (usually the side I err on).

Now, courtesy of Star and I, the questions you'll need to ask to discover a) if your new friend should be on your decision making committee, and b) if you should be on hers.

For questions 1-6 please see the earlier post.

7) Do you think you know what you really look like?

If no, do you think you're prettier in your head or prettier in real life?

8) Constructive criticism. Can you

a) give it?

b) take it?

9) How many people have to tell you something is a bad idea before you'll give up on it?

10) How many people have to tell you something is a good idea before you'll agree to give it a shot?

11) Are you able to determine if someone has bathed recently just from a photo?

a) What if the photo has been photoshopped?

b) What if the photo is of Megan Fox and you're distracted by her uberhot hair?

12) Do you tend to think your friends are more beautiful the more you get to know them?

13) Do you give backhanded compliments

a) to your friends?

b) to your acquaintances?

c) to douchecanoes you know?

d) to people who aren't smart enough to realize that they're not just regular compliments?

14) Whose opinion do you respect more, people you know well or casual acquaintances, with regard to

a) your appearance?

b) your cleanliness?

c) your love life?

And finally:

15) Do you think making a dramatic change in your appearance will lead to a dramatic change in your self image/self confidence/life?

Answer any or all in comments, please - Star and I will start it off, but I want to hear what y'all think (since obviously you are all my friends).

*The only question I ask prospective male friends is:

1) Do you want to sleep with me?

a) If so, can you keep it to yourself? Neither I nor Crockett want to know about it, so if you spill we probably can't be friends anymore.

b) If not, why not? Are you gay? Am I not pretty enough? What's wrong with me (and/or you)???

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