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well THAT doesn't make sense

I sort of have a crush on Jack Black. He's unattractive, crude, and yet somehow I dig him. The fact that he's hilarious doesn't hurt, but still. What is that? I know I'm not the only one with an inexplicable crush. (See also, Seth Green.)

Maybe I like him because he's the anti-Taylor Lautner. If you put the two together, you would basically have my perfect man.

Hm. Are you seeing this too?

Star likes John Cusack, even though the man is INSANE. (Sample John Cusack tweet: also due a sincere apology for daring to cub-bash with shockozulu--will save herthe darkness of beber-- but will require tough love3:30 PM May 27thvia TweetDeck. Seriously - WHAT?)

A buddy-of-a-buddy really had a thing for Rue McClanahan. Like, recently. (Well, pre her death - RIP, Blanche.)

Who do you like? (Please don't say no one, ok? We all have 'em.)

you know how some days you just

Happy Birthday Dad