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Remember when I posted about how I just lurve to be labelled? My sweetheart Queen B and I took the Strengthsfinder test together a few years ago, and she recently posted about her strengths and why they make her an awesome person to know. I figured my strengths are pretty cool too, so let the copycatting commence.

1. Empathy

Basically what this means is that I'm psychic about feelings. That's right - I know how you feel. Keep that in mind next time you're clearly upset because I let my dogs do something you don't approve of in your house and you tell me you're fine (coughCrockettcough).

2. Input

"People strong in this theme have a craving to collect information". See, Mr. Boss Man? When I read the internet while I'm at work it isn't because I'm bored, it's because input is my strength!

3. Adaptability

These are go-with-the-flow people. Clearly, this is wrong. I have never gone with a flow in my life. Unless it's my flow and I've planned it out in advance.

4. Command

My command is the reason I'm so bossy. No, really, my friend Suz said so and she's a trained Strengthsfinder person.

5. Individualization

I can tell that individual people are different and have difference motivations and reactions. Apparently some people can't - so if you're looking for a friend to recognize you, as an individual, I'm your girl. I know you're you, honey, and I love you for it.

See? Don't you feel like you know me better now? If you've done Strengthsfinder, I would love to hear your strengths. Hell, even if you haven't, chime in with what you think they are. A full list plus descriptions are available here.

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